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We prepare your tax return in a professional manner and with advanced software, are able to get an accurate estimate of your refund. We can then advance that amount, (less fees) as an interest free loan. It’s that simple!

There is no need to pay upfront. Our basic fee starts at $99 for online returns. We charge an additional fee from 8.8% if you have your refund advanced prior to the ATO refund coming back. All of our fees are tax deductible in the financial year paid.

Yes. If we advance your refund we deduct all fees from the amount we advance, so there is no need to bring cash with you. If you don’t want the refund advanced, you can then have the fees deducted from your refund for an extra $35 fee which covers the cost of banking your cheques and issuing you one of ours, which can be cashed that day. We can also have it deposited to you bank account as cash.

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Yes, that’s not a problem. Depending on how many years we need to do, you may still be eligible for an instant Tax Refund Today!

Some individuals do not have to lodge a tax return. Each person’s situation will differ due to age, income and expenses. Contact us if you are not sure .

If you live and work in Australia like a resident and hold a temporary visa granted under the Migration Act of 1958, you will be taxed at the resident tax rates. Backpackers, who are on a working holiday, would be taxed at Non Resident Rates.
You may be exempt from the Medicare Levy (1.5% of your taxable income)if you are not entitled to a Medicare Card. You can contact the Medicare Australia to find out if your circumstances need clarification.

Medicare exemption form

We may be able to give you your tax refund TODAY!
The ATO usually process tax returns within 14 days, but we can advance the refund if you require.

If you are still working, you may be eligible for a Mature Age Workers Offset for the tax year in which you turn 55. The maximum available offset is $500. You will be entitled to the maximum if your net income from working is below $53,000. If your only income is from investments then you will not be entitled to this offset. This is a rebate of tax only, so if your income is low enough that you don’t pay tax, this will not apply.

Under some circumstances receipts are not required, but to get the best refund possible, we recommend you keep all your work and business related receipts and bring them in when we do your return.

People over 65 years of age may now receive 40%rebate on their health fund premiums, instead of the 30% for people under that age. This can be claimed directly from your health fund in reduced premiums, or on your tax return.

There is a rebate for out of pocket medical expenses over $1500. That mean after your health fund and Medicare have reimbursed you, if the out of pocket amount is greater than $1500, you are entitled to a rebate.
E.G. Out of pocket medical expenses equal $2500, this is reduced by $1500, which equals $1000. The rebate (20%) equals $200. For any amount over this you would get 20% extra.
This is a family claim. The $1500 applies to the whole family, not each person.
Eligible expenses include doctors’ fees, hospital accommodation and related charges, dental work, medicines, physio/chiro, dental etc. It does not apply to cosmetic surgery or fees charged by your health fund.

You cannot claim the tax free threshold of $6,000 from more than one employer at a time. You need to claim it from your main employer. (The question on your employment declaration asks “do you wish to claim the tax free threshold from this employer”) You need to answer YES from you main job and NO from your second job. You pay a little more tax at your second job, but you shouldn’t end up with a tax bill at the end of the year.

Contact us today and get them in A.S.A.P. Its best to lodge before the ATO takes any action against you.
The ATO can apply penalties up to $550 per year and may also charge interest. Most people get a refund, so there may be no penalties or interest; it’s up to the ATO. We advise you lodge as soon as possible to reduce penalties and interest. You may also miss out on Family Tax Payments if you don’t lodge soon. (link to FTB question)

I completed last year’s tax return. What do I do now?
You can’t put it in the next years return. We can do an amendment to the correct years return for you. It helps if you have a copy of that return but can be completed without it.

Your return can be completed using the details from a photocopy of the PAYG Payment Summary (your employer can provide this), a letter from your employer with the PAYG Payment Summary information or by reviewing your
pay slips for that period. We can then complete a Statuatory Declaration for you that can replace the original documentation.

No, but it is helpful as they can assist with family details. There are a number of questions concerning dependants, dates of birth and medical details. You will need to have your partner’s details and TFN if you wish to claim the Family Tax Benefit through your tax return.

It is necessary to complete a tax return to date of death if a return has been lodged in past years. We have experience with this and is not as complicated as it may seem. Special rules do apply and your partner may be entitled to a refund which can then form part of the estate.

Salary Sacrificing is one of the most efficient methods of reducing your tax and its legal! The advantage of Salary
Sacrificing is that your benefit is purchased with pre-tax dollars. There are many things that you can Salary Sacrifice. (Car, computers, even mortgage repayments). All are subject to Fringe Benefits tax, except superannuation and minor benefits such as a mobile phone or computer. Motor Vehicles are subject to Fringe Benefits tax but the amount is reduced if the car is used for work. The Fringe benefit tax is paid by the employer and is paid at the top marginal rate
of tax, including Medicare (46.5%) on the grossed up benefit provided. Some employers require their employees to reimburse the FBT amount from their salary package.

This is an online application form for individuals. All the information is available here.

Once you have applied for a Tax File number, you have 28 days to advise your employer. After this time he will deduct tax at the top marginal rate.

If you are an overseas student living in Australia who has had your visa amended to allow you to work, you can apply on the internet

Generally, by 14 July, after the financial year ended. If you ceased employment during the year, the employer has 14 days after you have made a written request. If you were receiving a fringe benefit, then the employer can’t make it available until after 31 March. The 14 days would apply from then.

The first step is to appoint a Registered Tax Agent like us as we can get an extension for you. We also suggest you make any payments you think you might owe before 21 November. If you overpay, you will get a refund when you finally lodge. The ATO can charge late penalties and interest if the return is late.

Yes you can. Just complete the Online Return form

We can complete the return via email or phone.

We can then have your refund paid directly to your bank account.

The inheritance is not taxable unless you are advised by the executor that a part is taxable. However, if you invest the income from the estate then any earnings will be taxable.

In most cases overseas pensions are taxable and, if you are an Australian resident, you will need to include the amount in your tax return. There are a few exceptions to this rule. Please call H&R Block on 13 23 25 if you are not sure.

All income must be declared. This is because the tax office needs to determine what tax rate applies to your other earnings for the year. You may be entitled to an offset to ensure that no tax is payable on your benefit.

You can access the information required from Centrelink online services, Express plus mobile apps and at self-service terminals at Dept. Human Services Service Centres. H&R Block can also look up the required information for you.

Our tax year end on 30 June each year. Any income earned up to that day for the proceeding year, needs to be declared in a tax return. Your employers will provide you with a PAYG Summary. This shows the total of Income and tax paid. We use these to prepare your tax return and work out what your refund might be.

Yes, you are able to claim expenditure incurred in replacing, insuring and repairing tools of trade that you use for earning your income. The amount you can claim will depend on what records you have kept and to what extent you use it for work.

A deduction is available for outdoor workers who buy sunscreen lotion, sunglasses and hats for use at work. The claim must be substantiated and apportioned for private use. The ATO allow up to $85 per year if you don’t have receipts any more.


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